Month: March 2018

Organisational Renewal

The Organisational Renewal research programme’s objective is to review and analyse progress in organisation building and to provide research support to COSATU and affiliates in their Organisational Renewal programmes and initiatives. Introduction The NALEDI Organisational Renewal research project was established to support COSATU’s efforts to build and renew sustainable and effective worker organisation.  COSATU and […]

Social and Economic Justice

The Social and Economic Justice unit at the National Labour and Economic Development Institute (NALEDI) is involved in the areas of economic planning, social development and poverty alleviation taking into consideration the most impoverished, marginalised and vulnerable societies drawn from South Africa’s populace. Social and Economic Justice The Social and Economic Justice unit at the […]

Labour Market Transformation

The Labour Market Transformation Programme was established in August 2006 and has since its inception been conducting research on a wide variety of themes including atypical employment, unemployment, wages, unionisation and collective bargaining. Introduction Since its establishment in August 2006, the Labour Market Transformation Programme (LMT) has anchored its work on four key pillars: Analysing […]

Know us more

NALEDI was formed in 1993 and carries out labour and economic research. NALEDI’s mission is to conduct policy-relevant research aimed at building the capacity of the labour movement to effectively engage with the challenges of the new South African society. Besides research, NALEDI’s work also includes managing multi-institutional projects at national and international levels. NALEDI’s […]

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Why do we use it?

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